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Share Your Story
You Are In Complete Control of Your Privacy and Sharing Options

Your story is personal. It may be painful. You may have conflicting feelings about sharing. The desire may be strong for someone — anyone — to be allowed in to what you have experienced while at the same time you have this voice telling you to keep it to yourself.

We want you to know that many women find that sharing their story brings a sense of relief.

We also want you to know that the world does not need to know WHO is sharing the story for you to find comfort by simply sharing it.

Because of this, it is 100% up to you how much, IF ANYTHING, you share about yourself. You have the option to share your real name or simply an alias.

If you choose to share your identity, we never post ANY personal information other than your first name.

When you share your story, it helps other women, like you, to know that they are not alone.

So share. And know that our heart is for you. To hear you. For you to know that you are not alone in your experience.


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