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I lost them before I knew I had them. We named them Vaga after the brightest star. I


I divide my life into these phases: 1. Before my abortion 2. The abortion 3. After my abortion


When I had my abortion, I had no idea what I was entering into nor the change in


This is the story of how my abortion almost killed me. I had my abortion back in 2020. The end of 2019 was a rough time in my marriage and I was ready to leave my husband even though I really didn’t want to. He ended up convincing me to take him back by telling me he would be happy to give me another baby because he knew how much

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When I was 17, I was told that my twelve-week preborn baby was “just a blob of tissue” and “had not begun to form” and was definitely “not a baby.” I was scared, in crisis, too afraid to tell my parents I was pregnant and time was NOT on my side. I crossed over the state line, forged my name and naively underwent an irreversible medical procedure. I was told

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Almost three months after my abortion I began bleeding heavily and passing large clots. It started out like a period and then gradually got heavier and heavier to where I was soaking pads in about 30 minutes. Everything seemed to be normal post-abortion up until this point. I didn’t understand why three months later I was having complications. I was given some information at the clinic about the risks of

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What is this all about?

For far too long, we have been told that abortion causes no harm to the woman. Yet we have talked to countless women who say different. Their stories range from emotional scars to physical harm.

But because the voices are so loud, their stories have been silenced. So much so, that women often feel afraid or ashamed to admit that they have a past pain or trauma from an abortion.

We are giving women the chance to use their voice – in whatever way they feel most comfortable – and share their story. By coming together, we see that we are not alone. YOU are not alone. And your story matters.

You are in full control here. Read, listen, and leave. Record, type, and share. Whatever allows you to feel the most seen and heard, that’s your path here.

Most of all, know that you’re not alone.

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